The State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology (SKLEST) involves a number of first-level disciplines, such as dynamics, armament science and technology, materials science and engineering, mineral engineering, chemical engineering and chemistry. Among these disciplines, armament science and technology is a key first-level discipline while engineering mechanics, artillery, automatic weapon and ammunition engineering, weapon system and application engineering and applied chemistry are state key second-level disciplines. The laboratory currently has 9 doctor stations, 13 master stations and 2 postdoctoral research stations.

SKLEST was approved and established in 1991. It was completed and passed the national acceptance in September 1996 and was open to the public. The laboratory is the only state laboratory of explosion science in China. The Laboratory was targeted at fundamental research on application, aiming to solve the major issues in national defense weaponry and industrial production safety, to achieve more original innovations and to contribute to social economy and national security The major researches of this laboratory include theories and application technologies on energetic materials, detonics and explosion technology, impact dynamics of materials and structures, damage theories and protection technologies as well as explosion safety and evaluation methods, etc. 

The Laboratory comprises three sections, namely the university based section, Xishan Experiment Section and East Garden Explosion Yard which is still under planning. It includes a laboratory center and a simulation center, of which the floor area is about 10,000 square meters; in addition, there are over 2,808 sets of complete experiment facilities, instruments and equipment, with a gross value of 21,915 Yuan, among which there are 100 sets of instruments and equipment, of which the value of each set is 300,000 Yuan or above, with their aggregate value being 83.25 million Yuan. The large instruments and equipment of this key laboratory is open to public for sharing of resources.   
Currently, there are 88 full-time researchers, out of which 43 are professors, 41 are doctoral advisors and 21 are associate professors. In terms of academic staff, it has 2 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 distinguished professors under the "Chang Jiang Scholars Program", 1 expert under the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 5 Young and Middle Aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution, 3 Winners of Outstanding Youth Foundation, and 5 New Century Outstanding Talents. The research team of "Explosion Damage Theories and Technologies" is ranked by the Ministry of Education as the first group of Chang Jiang Scholars Innovation Team, and the research team of "Payload Design Theories and Technologies" is chosen to be one of the innovation teams of national defense technologies.   
The State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology has prominent characteristics and strengths, so it has become an influential technological research base, a talent training base and an academic communication center in the fields of explosion, damage and safety science and technologies.